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Incarna Consulting focuses on the needs of each individual client to provide the best possible experience while accessing restorative justice.  Whether you are experiencing a family change, navigating the waters of estate settlements, facing contract challenges,  or experiencing workplace difficulties, we are here for you to guide you through the process, support you as you make decisions, and assist you in finalizing your matters. 

Incarna Consulting provides a full spectrum of third-party dispute resolution services, including neutral evaluation services, investigations, mediation, arbitration, conflict coaching, and workplace restoration.  We work with businesses and organizations to design dispute resolution systems by developing frameworks, policies, and procedures relating to contract and employment disputes, and providing organizational reviews to highlight, analyze, and problem solve institutional conflict. As a Notary Public, Incarna Consulting also drafts and verifies documents, administers oaths and affidavits, and executes deeds and estates.

Incarna Consulting is recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice as Family Mediator as defined by the Section 44.01 of The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998 and Parenting Co-Ordinator as defined by The Children’s Law Regulations, 1998 as well as a Gladue Report Writer for Section 718.2 of the Criminal Code.  We are the only firm in Canada licensed to provide the full suite of New Ways training for youth, families experiencing high-conflict divorce and separation, and workplace conflict, and we hold several certifications from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety/Worksafe Saskatchewan for Workplace Investigations and Inspections.

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Ambrosia Varaschin Dispute Resolution Specialist


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Masters Specialization
Negotiation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Institute for Research & Education on Negotiation, ESSEC Business School

Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice
Foundation of Administrative Justice

Professional Certificate
Yale University

Professional Certificate
Conflict Analysis
Negotiation & Conflict Management
Interfaith Conflict Resolution
United States Institute of Peace

Professional Certificate
International Conflict Management
Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

Bachelor of Arts
Political Studies, International Development & Globalization
University of Saskatchewan/University of Ottawa


Ambrosia Varaschin is a mediator, arbitrator, neutral third-party investigator, and negotiation consultant with an undergraduate degree in International Development, a post graduate background in International Conflict and Warzone Management, and a specialization in Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution. She has attended well regarded Canadian institutions such as the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Ottawa, as well as the acclaimed Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.  In addition, she has completed her post graduate studies at some of the top conflict and negotiation universities in the world, including the United States Institute of Peace, Yale, and the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation from the world famous ESSEC Business School in Paris.

While specializing in international trade, conflict, and warzone management, Ambrosia also developed a passion for restorative and administrative justice. She was awarded the Deputy Minister’s Award for Service Excellence for her role as a program manager with the Independent Assessment Process in the Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat, and is trained as a Gladue Report writer for Saskatchewan Indigenous criminal files.  Ambrosia has undertaken significant training and education to adapt her international conflict management background to domestic realms such as labour, family law, and administrative justice.  She is a designated member of the international Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the ADR Institute of Canada, and a proud member of the International Mediation Institute, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, and the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals.  Ambrosia is actively pursuing a Masters Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice through her membership with the Foundation of Administrative Justice.  She is proud to serve as the Executive Administrator for the Canada Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as well as CanArb Week (Canada’s annual multi-organizational convention on international and domestic arbitration).

Ambrosia devotes her volunteer hours to improving the healthcare system as a patient advisor, sitting as a member of the Provincial Patient & Family Leadership Council and Provincial Practitioner Advisory Council to the Chief Medical Officer with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and as a disciplinary tribunal member for the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association.  She formerly served as Vice-Chair of the Data and Analytics Oversight and Governance Council with the Ministry of Health, as a consultant for the creation of an amalgamated information security and retention policy for the newly formed provincial health authority, and on the hiring committee for the SHA’s senior management team.  Ambrosia previously sat as Vice-Chair on national organizations such as the NextGen Leadership Network and IRSAS Employee Wellness Strategy, and as a board member for the National Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign when she worked with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.



National Arbitration Course ADR Institute of Canada

Principles of Administrative Justice, Interpreting Legislation, Principles of Investigations, Decision Making, Principles of Evidence
Foundation of Administrative Justice


New Ways for Mediation, New Ways for Workplaces, New Ways for Life
High Conflict Institute


Family Law Mediation, Mediating Parenting Plans
Panko Law/ADR Institute of Canada

New Ways for Families, Decision Making, Pre-Mediation Coaching, Separation Coaching, Mediating in Domestic Violence  High Conflict Institute 


Deputy Minister's Award for Service Excellence
Indian Residential School's Adjudication Secretariat

Golden Key International Graduate Scholarship

Canadian Millennium Foundation Excellence Scholarship
Government of Canada

President’s First and Best Scholarship
University of Saskatchewan



Family Law
Misconduct & Malpractice
Liability & Tort
Labour Relations
Gladue Reports
Commercial & Civil Claims
Real Estate & Property
Estate Disputes
Conflict Coaching
ADR Systems Planning


Incarna Consulting believes in giving more to our community than we receive.  We believe the foundation of a healthy, thriving, and productive society is fair and equitable engagements, access to justice, and intentionally breaking down systemic and institutional barriers.  We believe in proactive and preventative measures rather than reactive responses, and restorative justice over retributive systems.  Incarna Consulting believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, included, and happy, no matter their geography, financial status, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability, race, or ethnicity.  Incarna Consulting is built on the desire to serve and provide access to justice for all.  Our mission is to provide alternative legal services to our clients and assist them in achieving long lasting solutions to disputes without involving the courts.  Our vision is to build a community of practitioners and clients that are committed to the principles of restorative justice and conciliation.

cultural inclusivity

Incarna Consulting has a commitment to building healthy communities that are safe and vibrant, with a strong economy and a sustainable environment.  Through the true spirit of equality, access to justice, and self determination, we strive be a leader in improving the health and wellbeing of all people, with an innate respect for diversity and pluralism, through combatting discrimination, advocating for the rights of the vulnerable, and nurturing the cultural mosaic that is the foundation of Canada.


Canada is a country founded through colonial practices, which has had a long standing, devastating effect upon our Indigenous Peoples, and as we are based upon the homeland of the Metis and Treaty Six territory, it is vital for Incarna Consulting to place a special and intentional focus on our relationship with Indigenous Peoples.  We are acutely aware of the impact that the colonial actions of our predecessors have had on Indigenous Peoples, including the residential school system, and we remain committed to understanding their implications on programming, systems, and accessibility. We are committed to co-designing our practices with our Indigenous neighbours to address the systemic inequalities embedded in our society.  Incarna Consulting is committed to playing our role in addressing the Calls to Action that have been made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, specifically those pertaining to Child Welfare (CTAs 1-5) and Justice (CTAs 25-42 and 50).

environmental sustainability

Incarna Consulting is a modern company, operating in a modern business climate.  We pride ourselves on our innovation and novel practices that minimize our environmental impact and consumption of resources.  Wherever possible, Incarna Consulting conducts its business digitally to reduce the need for paper products and toner, and costly storage space for documents which not only wastes space that could be used productively, but also draws upon utilities unnecessarily.  In addition, all paper that has been shredded is composted to divert waste. All electronic products are Energy Star certified, our lighting is LED, and we use high efficiency appliances.  Furthermore, Incarna Consulting utilizes coworking space to decrease their physical footprint and conducts business via secure online videoconferencing systems whenever possible to avoid travel.  We are a passionate voice for the promotion and creation of multi-use space, coworking organizations, and cost sharing initiatives in rural Saskatchewan as a means of sustainable and innovative economic development that bolsters small communities.


Incarna Consulting operates a trauma-informed, accessibility, and LGBT+ sensitive practice.  We design our processes, systems, and how we interact with our clients based on their individual needs and personal feelings of safety and comfort.  We do not presume to know what will or will not work for any one individual, rather, we ask what people need in order to have the best possible experience and feel as though they are valued and respected in a physically and emotionally safe space.

discrimination free zone

Incarna Consulting does not tolerate racism, bigotry, sexism, or harassment and/or discrimination of any kind.  Wherever possible, we seek to educate and inform parties rather than censure for ignorance, however we embody a zero-tolerance policy for overt, intentional discrimination by any member of our staff, suppliers, or clients to any other member of society.  Our values of equality and fairness eclipse any economic advantage we may experience by turning a blind eye.

self determination and a healthy workplace

Incarna Consulting believes that employees play a vital role in the success of a business and their own personal accomplishments.  We encourage all staff to adhere to a proper work-life balance that incorporates self-care, wellness strategies, and time for rest.  Incarna Consulting is a results-oriented firm that allows employees the freedom to work the hours and format that best suits them, provided they meet their goals and responsibilities in an appropriate time period.  We reward high quality work with competitive pay and incentives, but also provide all employees the capacity to take risks without the fear of reprisal.

We also encourage our clients to engage in our processes and make them their own.  One of the foundational concepts of appropriate justice and dispute resolution is that of self determination.  It is our role to provide comprehensive information and access to independent advice within a framework that facilitates parties making their own cogent decisions on even the most challenging issues.






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