The business world is fraught with challenges, not least of which is navigating the world of contracts and competition.  Is a supplier failing to meet their obligations?  A customer refusing to pay?  A competitor infringing on your intellectual property?  It costs at least $45,000 to litigate a matter from start to finish, which often exceeds the value of matter in question for small businesses.  

Determining intellectual property rights, copyright and trademark infringements, or even brand protection disputes can be challenging in court, especially if you are wanting to protect trade secrets, proprietary business practices, or industry knowledge in an open court.  Just because a company opted out of publishing their technology for a patent does not mean that they need to be held hostage when they need to protect their ownership of it.

Contract disputes and mergers and acquisitions are often best kept out of the public eye to prevent them affecting business and relationships.  Competitors may take advantage of a small crack in an otherwise strong foundation to sweep in on supply or service contracts, or use the terms of a contract as ammunition to undercut future bids.  Customers and business partners may choose to avoid doing business with parties they see as contentious, regardless of legal rights.  M&A disclosures include detailed financials, projections, and other information that can greatly impact the ability of either or both firms to continue doing business as usual.  Even the mention of a potential merger or purchase can send a company into a tailspin.  Alternative Dispute Resolution methods enable you to protect your privacy and your company, and provides multiple avenues tailored to meet the needs of every situation.


How Can We Help

  • Early Neutral Evaluations to evaluate the positions and arguments of the parties, as well as an evaluation of the overall case to determine the likely outcome in court.
  • Neutral Fact Finding to provide an objective evaluation necessary to negotiate a settlement or give an assessment of certain factual issues in dispute, as well as identify areas of agreement.
  • Mini Trials after pre-trial discovery to focus the issues in dispute and evaluate each party’s case in order to promote thoughtful settlement discussions.
  • Expedited Arbitration to settle minor disputes quickly and cost effectively.
  • Full Hearing Arbitration for complicated and involved disputes that would otherwise require multi-day trials in court.
  • Med-Arb to empower you to make your own choices, with the added security of knowing there will be a decision at the conclusion of the process.
  • Conciliation, a more formal process than mediation, where the mediator prepares a report outlining the best possible solution(s) if the parties cannot reach a settlement themselves.
  • Mediation to help all parties hear and understand each other’s viewpoints and problem solve together in an attempt to reach a mutually acceptable solution.


Navigating things on your own getting a little sticky?  Our highly trained specialists can help clear the air and get talks moving forward again.


Save time and money by opting to settle commercial disputes through arbitration rather than litigating through the court process.  Protect your privacy and your business.


Not sure how strong your position is?  Need clarity and focus to make an informed decision on how to proceed?  Get an expert analysis on arguments, facts, interpretations, pitfalls, potential results and viable outcomes.


I had a fantastic experience with Ambrosia. She was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
Highly recommend this company.

Kaleah T.





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